Another DXPedition by the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC)


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Our Callsigns on the Cook Islands:

ZK1NDS for Uwe DL9NDS and   ZK1NFK for Klaus DL7NFK

QSL Information:

ZK1NDS via DL9NDS                                 ZK1NFK via DL7NFK

Uwe Scherf                                                                   Klaus Mohr
Itzgrund 15                                                                    Am Anger 12
95512 Neudrossenfeld                                               95488 Eckersdorf
Germany                                                                        Germany           

Time Schedule:

28.04.2001 Departure Nuernberg via Frankfurt ,Los Angeles to Rarotonga.
29.04,2001 05.45 Local Time Arrive at Rarotonga Island.
30.04.2001 - 05.05.2001 Aktiv from Rarotonga (IOTA OC-013)
06.05.2001 - 12.05.2001 Aktiv from North Cook Penrhyn Atoll ( OC-082)
13.05,2001 On the travel back from North Cook we will have a stop at Aitutaki Island (OC-083)
13.05.2001 - 19.05.2001 Aktiv again from Rarotonga Island (OC-013) or Mangaia Island (OC-159)
19.05.2001 Departure Rarotonga via L.A., Frankfurt to Nürnberg.
20.05.2001 18.20 Local Time Arrive at Nuernberg


TS-570, FT100, IC-706, 1x PA 1kw, 2x PA 400W
V80E by Titanex (40m/80m), LP5 by Titanex  (10-20m), HB9CV (6m), Wire Beams
2x Notebook , SCS PTCII  Pactor Controller,  2xHeil Pro Set


Logging:                           RCKLOG   by DL4RCK ( Beta-Test Version)

RTTY/PSK31/Pactor            RCKRtty    by DL4RCK (The ultimative Software for "all" digitale modes )

MT63                               MT63 Terminal   by IZ8BLY

MFSK16                           Stream     by IZ8BLY

QSL Management               BV   by DF3CB    (very good - used by many DXPeditions)

Our Sponsors:                            Additional sponsorship is very welcome..

DL4RCK, Walter Dallmeier (RCKRtty and RCKLog Software)

DJ3NG, Siegfried Semba (Equipment)

DK0NB, North Bavarian DX Group (Equipment)

DJ8KC, Adolf Grotz (Financial)

KL7IKV, Lynn R. Hammond             

N6QI, Lloyd M. Fujitani

WD9EWK, Patrick Stoddard

DF6YH, Klaus Hartmann

W8PT, Richard Kennedy